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Empowering students, faculty and staff in today’s fast-paced educational environment requires more than allowing them fast access to information. Successful colleges, schools and universities need to optimize their business processes by getting the right information into the right hands at the right time. 

Leading educational institutions of all types and sizes—including schools and school districts, two- and four-year colleges, and public and private universities—are turning

to Laserfiche to balance enterprise control with departmental flexibility, dramatically improving the productivity and responsiveness of multiple departments institution-wide. 

By standardizing on an agile ECM system from Laserfiche, you will improve information access and optimize business processes across your institution, without adding resources or straining an already tight budget.






















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K-12 Schools and School District

Ease the difficulty and expense of finding and filing paper records, improving staff productivity and freeing up storage space.

  • Facilitate Compliance with Recordkeeping Regulations

  • Ensure Continuity of Operations

  • Simplify Union Recordkeeping

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“We save money and time with Laserfiche, but most importantly, we can better serve students and their families.”

— Los Angeles County Office of Education Alternative Education Division


Colleges and Universities

Provide a standard for disaster recovery, compliance and business process automation campus-wide.

  • Enhance Business Office Efficiency

  • Centrally Manage Faculty Records

  • More Quickly Disburse Financial Aid

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Laserfiche at work in Education

By serving as theuniversal repositoryfor all organizational content (including student records, HR files, building plans and more), Laserfiche provides a single point of control for complete life cycle management.

By acting as integrative middleware that links into your SIS, accounting application, legacy systems and more, Laserfiche allows users to access information in the manner and environment in which they are most comfortable.


By serving as an enabler of shared services, Laserfiche eliminates departmental data silos and automates cross-functional activities.


By providing central control alongside local flexibility, Laserfiche enables your school or university to establish overarching standards and security policies while at the same time giving individual departments the ability to store information and configure business processes according to their specialized needs.



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Additional Resources


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What our customers are saying:

“Laserfiche was the product that could get everybody what they needed with reasonable cost and in a reasonable timeframe.”


— Kristin Nace
Vice President of Budgets and Accounting
Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center

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