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With tools to quickly and reliably collect, store, search and share information campus-wide, Laserfiche eases the difficulty and expense of storing paper records and complying with recordkeeping requirements.

From the Provost’s Office, Buildings and Grounds and Institutional Development, to Financial Aid, Student Services and academic departments, Laserfiche balances enterprise control with departmental flexibility. It provides a standard for disaster recovery, recordkeeping compliance and business process automation campus-wide while granting diverse departments control over their own filing structures and workflow. The following are just a few examples of how Laserfiche can transform the way your institution operates.






















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Enhance Business Office Efficiency

The business office—responsible for recruiting new faculty and staff, administering payroll, processing invoices and managing contracts and grants—must deal with a large volume of documents every day. Laserfiche increases efficiency and cuts costs by eliminating paper-based processes, improving information accessibility and decreasing the need to store paper documents.

  • Automate key business processes including AP processing, HR onboarding and contract management, among others.

  • Improve staff productivity by removing the need for time-consuming manual filing.

  • Digitize and barcode timesheets for easy storage and retrieval.

  • Eliminate the need for file cabinets, freeing up space for faculty offices or classrooms.

  • Ensure adoption and minimize training with Laserfiche’s user-friendly, Windows-like interface.


Case Study


The Cure for Paperwork Headaches

Laserfiche saves the Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center time and money

Ensure Continuity of Operations

It’s crucial for colleges and universities to plan and prepare for operational interruptions. Laserfiche plays a key part in your disaster recovery plan, securing records and limiting the cost and effort of salvage and restoration.

  • Ensure that administrators, maintenance employees and local police and fire departments can instantly access critical documents via the Web in case of an emergency.

  • Organize architectural drawings, schematics and operations manuals by school so they’re easily accessible in times of crisis.

  • Use Laserfiche Plus portable media publishing to reconstruct damaged or destroyed repositories and provide immediate access to authorized personnel.


Centrally Manage Faculty Records

Whether your institution is a small, private college or a statewide university system, Laserfiche offers a central point of control over all your information assets. With Laserfiche, the institution establishes enterprise-wide standards and security policies for faculty records while at the same time giving individual schools the ability to store information and configure business processes according to their specialized needs.

  • Easily meet recordkeeping requirements.

  • Ensure consistency of information with custom templates.

  • Improve staff productivity by automatically indexing and filing incoming paperwork.

  • Instantly fulfill data-driven, specialized queries of records.

  • Protect confidential personnel files with granular, role-based security.

  • Streamline the faculty credentialing process.


Case Study


Gold Standard

USC’s Office of the Provost inspires enterprise-wide records management campus-wide

More Quickly Disburse Financial Aid


Every day, students submit applications, promissory notes and copies of birth certificates, passports, tax returns and more to your financial aid department. Laserfiche enables your team to quickly and easily capture, organize and process the paper and electronic documents required to disburse financial aid to qualified candidates.

  • Streamline the collection of financial aid materials.

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry by auto-populating template fields.

  • Automatically route documents to the correct financial aid counselor for review and approval, accelerating processing time.

  • Grant simultaneous access to financial aid files, eliminating the need to copy and transport documents.

  • Instant search and retrieval capabilities improve student service by decreasing wait times.


Case Study


University of Utah Department of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Laserfiche Takes the Pain Out of Applying for Financial Aid


Guarantee Student Record Security

Administering records access under FERPA consumes staff time. Laserfiche’s granular security system helps you design and implement a security policy that works within your existing environment to balance document compliance, security and accessibility.

  • Implement DoD 5015.2-certified records management to simplify compliance with recordkeeping requirements.

  • Eliminate misplaced files, files lost in transit from off-site records storage facilities and inappropriately accessed files.

  • Control confidential records, and prevent them from showing up in a repository search.

  • Guarantee security all the way down to individual words with blackout and whiteout redactions.

  • Log system activity to demonstrate compliance with regulations.


Case Study


The Prescription for Record-Keeping Headaches

The Dalhousie University Medical School finds a Laserfiche system is an improvement over custom databases and spreadsheets


Integrate with Existing Applications

With Laserfiche, you support the applications you already use for managing student records, accounting and resource planning. Laserfiche’s open architecture speeds integration with existing applications—while programming tools and pre-packaged modules limit costs and minimize the burden on IT staff.

  • Retrieve information from back-office systems to automatically populate template fields, validate data entry and check metadata capture.

  • Trigger Workflow activities from third-party applications.

  • Provide Laserfiche ECM capabilities from Web portals—including Microsoft SharePoint sites—to improve information organization and access enterprise-wide.



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What our customers are saying:

“We’ve been able to expand Laserfiche from a simple storage repository to a system that controls the workflow of our documents and maximizes efficiency.”


— Ralph Stephens
Executive Director of Strategic Sourcing & General Services
Texas A&M University Kingsville

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