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With tools to quickly and reliably collect, store, search and share information, Laserfiche eases the difficulty and expense of finding and filing paper records, improving staff productivity and freeing up storage space.

Laserfiche supports student and staff achievement by providing a scalable and user-friendly standard for managing content across schools and departments district-wide. Laserfiche extends local control over filing and repository design to individual schools and departments, while still enabling the IT department to set and maintain top-level standards. The following are just a few examples of how Laserfiche can transform the way your school or school district operates.


How we help:

  • Facilitate Compliance with Recordkeeping Regulations

  • Automate Repeatable Work Processes

  • Ensure Continuity of Operations

  • Manage Human Resources Records

  • Simplify Union Recordkeeping

  • Integrate with Existing Applications

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Facilitate Compliance with Recordkeeping Regulations

Keeping confidential information secure is crucial to complying with federal and state requirements, but administering records access under FERPA, CIPA and HIPAA consumes staff time. With Laserfiche, you design and implement a records management policy that protects your information—without interfering with existing business processes.

  • Implement DoD 5015.2-certified records management to guarantee the integrity of your records and automatically determine which records are eligible for transfer, accession or destruction.

  • Use whiteout redactions when responding to FOIA requests—making it impossible for a reader to determine how many words in a sentence were removed.

  • Control confidential records, and prevent them from showing up in a repository search.

  • Dynamically apply document-level security, maintaining different levels of security for each type of document within a personnel or student file.

  • Log system activity to demonstrate compliance with regulations.


Case Study


Enterprise Excellence

Jamestown, NY, Public Schools use Laserfiche to run smarter district-wide

Automate Repeatable Work Processes

Enable instant access to documents while dramatically reducing the time your staff spends finding and filing paper files.

  • Automate filing, indexing and processing to free up staff time.

  • Minimize data entry by pulling information from a state database or SIS.

  • Automate key business processes including AP processing, HR onboarding and contract management, among others.

  • Trigger workflow activities from third-party applications, such as your SIS.

  • Ensure adoption and minimize training with Laserfiche’s user-friendly, Windows-like interface.


Ensure Continuity of Operations

It’s crucial for school districts to plan and prepare for operational interruptions. Laserfiche plays a key part in your disaster recovery plan, securing records and limiting the cost and effort of salvage and restoration.

  • Ensure that district maintenance employees, administrators and local police, fire and emergency personnel can instantly access critical documents via the Web.

  • Organize architectural drawings, schematics and operations manuals chronologically by school, so they’re easily accessible to maintenance employees, administrators and first responders.

  • Use Laserfiche Plus portable media publishing to reconstruct damaged or destroyed repositories and provide immediate access to authorized personnel.


Case Study


Liberty School District

High Water No Threat to this School’s Records

Manage Human Resources Records

HR departments are often burdened by extensive paper files and inefficient work processes, which leave staff struggling to complete tasks in a timely manner. With Laserfiche, authorized users can instantly retrieve employee handbooks, policy manuals, accident reports and signed documents with a single click.

  • Capture, secure and centralize all applicant information—including resumes, handwritten applications, credentials and e-mails—in Laserfiche to quickly identify the best candidates.

  • Meet HIPAA requirements by segregating and securing employee health records.

  • Eliminate the need to manually search personnel files for transfer requests, improving staff productivity.

  • Scan and distribute paper receipts and expense reports, accelerating the reimbursement process.

  • Simplify the legal process by using Laserfiche to present and disseminate information during legal proceedings.


Simplify Union Recordkeeping

Reduce time lost on hard-copy file retrieval with full-text, template field and other precision searches. By storing all collective bargaining agreements between your district and its unions in Laserfiche, when a provision is questioned, applicable contract provisions are easily located in minutes, instead of hours or days.

  • Store, search and retrieve collective bargaining agreements between the district and employee unions.

  • Quickly determine a history on a particular contract provision with a simple word search.

  • Manage all files relating to union negotiations, arbitrations, grievances and meeting minutes.


Integrate with Existing Applications

With Laserfiche, you support the applications you already use for managing student records, accounting and resource planning. Laserfiche’s open architecture speeds integration with existing applications—while programming tools and pre-packaged modules limit costs and minimize the burden on IT staff.

  • Provide instant access to attendance reports, transfer forms and other student documentation by integrating Laserfiche with your student information system.

  • Retrieve information from back-office systems to automatically populate template fields, validate data entry and check metadata capture.

  • Trigger Workflow activities from third-party applications.

  • Provide Laserfiche ECM capabilities from Web portals—including Microsoft SharePoint sites—to improve information organization and access district-wide.




Additional Resources


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Reduce record storage costs, protect student confidentiality and improve service quality


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What our customers are saying:

“As I started learning more about Laserfiche, I started looking around for other ways to use it. Different users have different needs, but with Laserfiche we can do it all.”


— Nancy Baumgart
IT Department 
Idaho Falls School District 91

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