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Who am I?

DIS Computer (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Have the main objectives to provide services in the installation of electronic document service bureau with verity of solution of Hardware and Software that match to customer requirement.  

Its target customers include large organizations in the government and the private sectors. Through the endeavors to realize its policy of attaining steady and sustainable growth, the company has persevered in building up strategic site references while cultvating engineering expertise specializing in key areas such as the scanning service with high volume of documents and back end storage solution.




It also ventured to offer and build up software modification and data communication networks which are effectively the customers’ internal infrastructure for communications. In achieving that the company has set its goals to offer a fully integrated range of services encompassing the installation of equipment, standardized training for users and warranty services that minimize downtime for uninterrupted use of the systems.




The company truly believes that its success achieved in decades can be tracked back to two major contributing factors;firstly, the reliable and standardized methodof operations, and secondly, the incessant efforts to develop its core competencies. This indeed constitutes another significant milestone in the company’s track records that brings about an impetus to boost the company’s competitiveness and provides a solid foundation upon which further stable and steady growth could be based.

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