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Credit Unions


For credit unions, high member satisfaction rates combined with the slow economic recovery are creating even greater opportunities for future growth. But it’s impossible to extend service to an expanding membership base without having a clear plan for enhancing efficiency across the organization. Leveraging technology is a clear path to success.


From loans to new accounts, Laserfiche document management provides the departmental flexibility and central control necessary to automate and streamline resource-intensive business processes. By eliminating the time spent locating misfiled documents, distributing information and making copies, you provide quality services for your members—without hiring additional staff.


How we help:

  • Streamline the Lending Process

  • Increase Staff Productivity

  • Maximize the Value of Existing Technology Investments

  • Accelerate Audits while Reducing Compliance Costs

  • Improve Member Service

  • Additional Resources


Streamline the Lending Process

Laserfiche simplifies loan processing and underwriting by eliminating the tasks that slow staff down, such as manual data entry, filing and photocopying. Laserfiche automatically performs specified actions at appropriate times, such as filing newly created loan applications into appropriate folders, populating template fields and e-mailing documents to identified users for review and approval.

  • Electronically route a member’s loan application file through the origination, closing and funding processes.

  • Automatically populate member or loan index information to reduce manual data entry.

  • Track missing or expired documents to ensure compliance and reduce risk.

  • Retrieve documents pertaining to any relationship based on any one of a number of different indexes, including loan number, SSN or EID, document type or collateral description.

  • Strengthen loan administration procedures in case of an audit or other examination.


Case Study


D.L. Evans

D.L. Evans celebrates ten years of savings and streamlined processes with Laserfiche

Increase Staff Productivity


Laserfiche eliminates the time lags and redundancies inherent in many other business processes across the credit union. Authorized users have instant access to relevant forms and records, ensuring seamless transaction processing, reducing the costs of managing information and improving collaboration.

  • Retain global control over document filing, retention and disposition while providing different departments with the flexibility to customize their filing structure and workflows.

  • Automate time-consuming accounting and human resources tasks such as invoicing, contract management and more.

  • Utilize workflow technology to expedite the new account opening process.

  • Extract data to automatically update back-office systems.


Case Study


Physicians Professional Services

Laserfiche Workflow helps Physicians Professional Services increase productivity by 20%

Maximize the Value of Existing Technology Investments


Integrating Laserfiche with primary applications such as branch automation enhances efficiency by eliminating the need to learn a new system, toggle between screens and force members to wait while a staff member launches a new window. Laserfiche’s open architecture makes integration easy, while programming tools and pre-packaged modules limit costs and minimize the burden on IT staff.

  • Integrate with Check 21 solutions to store check images in the Laserfiche repository.

  • Easily develop integrations with any non-proprietary software, providing information on demand, as well as document collaboration and movement capabilities.

  • Retrieve information from databases and other back-office systems to automatically populate template fields, validate data entry and check metadata capture.

  • Trigger Workflow activities from third-party applications like CRM, COLD, branch automation software and a variety of back-office systems.

  • Provide Laserfiche ECM capabilities from Web portals—including Microsoft® SharePoint® sites—to improve information access.


Solution Exchange


Avis Fleet Services: Creative Innovation with Powerful Integrations

Avis Fleet Services rolls out Workflow integrations with PlanetPress and AS400 software to give customers world-class options.


Accelerate Audits while Reducing Compliance Costs

Credit unions today are challenged to cope with changing industry rules and regulations. With DoD 5015.2-certified records management functionality, Laserfiche cost-effectively facilitates compliance.

  • Provide auditors with instant access to digital files, decreasing the amount of staff time needed to prepare for these reviews and enabling remote audits.

  • Reduce the storage burden of complying with recordkeeping regulations.

  • Automate document retention and destruction—eliminating lost documents.

  • Enforce standard operating procedures that ensure data authenticity, integrity and retention by automating internal processes.

  • Constantly monitor document access, editing, printing, deletion and export to maintain the highest standards of security.


Case Study


D.L. Evans>>Link

D.L. Evans celebrates ten years of savings and streamlined processes with Laserfiche

Improve Member Service


Providing quality member service is vital, particularly in a day and age when online banks can compete with credit unions neck-and-neck on loan and interest rates. Laserfiche enables credit unions to do more with existing resources.

  • Improve access to member records and make information available to authorized employees on demand, elevating member service levels and decreasing wait times.

  • Archive and retrieve member records quickly and cost-effectively, without the unnecessary overhead associated with copying, transporting and filing paper documents.

  • Reduce misfiling, document loss and related costs.

  • omatically route loan documents to the correct employees for review and approval, accelerating processing time.

  • Increase transparency by providing a secure public Web portal that grants members instant access to their information, decreasing the burden on branch staff.




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