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Practicing medicine is complex enough without software making things more difficult. Laserfiche offers a natural, intuitive way to manage the flow of your practice. It's simple, easy-to-use technology that keeps your focus right where it belongs: on your patients, not your paperwork.


Laserfiche combines enterprise control with departmental flexibility. It provides a standard for managing content and streamlining business processes across your practice and brings benefits to departments as diverse as accounting, admissions, billing, credentialing, human resources and more. The following are just a few examples of how Laserfiche can transform the way your practice operates.


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Simplify the Transition to Electronic Medical Records

Laserfiche combats the difficulty and expense of traditional EMR systems while providing a central and secure way to manage medical records, supporting documentation and more.

  • Provide immediate access to current and historical medical records.

  • Link supporting content such as insurance information, outside lab results and EOBs to electronic medical records.

  • Protect patient information with role-based security tailored to each employee’s role and responsibilities

  • Allow doctors and staff a natural way to work with electronic records—without having to adopt aggravating and time-consuming new processes.

  • Easily integrate with practice management applications and incorporate add-ons, such as e-prescribing functionality, when the time is right.


Case Study


Efficient Operations

How Laserfiche Hybrid EMR enables Dr. Brian Hanson to put patients first

Reduce the Cost of Compliance

Laserfiche serves as the records management cornerstone of HIPAA and Joint Commission compliance initiatives, providing comprehensive security that protects sensitive data—while still enabling authorized personnel to access it.

  • Minimize the risk of non-consensual release of protected health information (PHI).

  • Use audit trails to demonstrate adherence to established retention and access procedures.

  • Ensure proper destruction of expired patient records with DoD 5015.2-certified records management.


Case Study


Fertile Fields for Increased Efficiency

Laserfiche helps the Fertility Centers of Illinois increase information access and save on storage

Enhance Back-Office Processes


From the front desk to the back office, your practice is burdened by the inefficiency of paper-based processes. With Laserfiche, you improve staff efficiency in all departments.

  • Reduce misfiling, document loss and related costs.

  • Cut overhead costs associated with copying, transporting and filing paper documents.

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry with production-level capture and processing tools.

  • Automate collaborative business processes, boosting staff productivity.

  • Enhance efficiency in departments such as HR, accounting, legal, facilities management, insurance management and credentialing.


Case Study


No Bones About It

At Central Oregon Radiology Associates, Laserfiche makes patient care picture perfect

Accelerate Payment Cycles


Streamline billing processes by eliminating time-consuming searches and providing claim processors and service representatives with instant access to information.

  • Scan charts and other documents at the point of service, and automatically route them through verification, coding and billing workflows.

  • Shorten billing cycles and enable faster discrepancy resolution with on-demand access to EOBs, claims, statements and remittance information.

  • Perform electronic ADT-to-chart reconciliation.

  • Manage interactions with primary, secondary and tertiary payers more efficiently.

  • Simplify integration with coding, billing and other applications with an open architecture and support for the HL7 protocol.


Case Study


University of Southern California Radiology Department

Laserfiche Does the Heavy Lifting


Improve Patient Service

Hard-copy records begin to accumulate the moment a patient enters your waiting room. Laserfiche streamlines admissions procedures and enables staff to instantly satisfy patient requests.

  • Simplify the work of front-desk personnel by enabling them to quickly scan and process admissions items so they are instantly accessible the next time a patient visits.

  • Empower staff to respond immediately to patient requests by providing instant access to patient information.

  • Accelerate doctors' response to patients by automatically routing test results and important updates to physicians as soon as the information is entered into Laserfiche.

  • Reduce gaps in communication between healthcare providers, and decrease duplicate testing.

  • Centralize and control all patient information, including encounter notes, insurance information, outside lab results and EOBs.


Case Study


Healthier Healthcare

BC Biomedical benefits from better information management—thanks to Laserfiche





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What our customers are saying:

“I remember seeing a postcard from Laserfiche that said, ‘Our approach to electronic medical records doesn’t make doctors change the way they work.’ I thought, ‘If that’s true, then that’s exactly what we need.”


— Bill Duke 
Executive Director 
Dallas Associated Dermatologists

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