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Reduce operational costs and automate resource-consuming tasks, beginning with how information is captured, accessed and, most importantly, used. For energy companies, Laserfiche provides a standardized solution flexible enough to meet the needs of different departments, users and processes—with the control of a single, scalable system

that’s DoD 5015.2-certified, yet easy to deploy and intuitive to use. From records management that works seamlessly with terminal services, to Web-based access and integrations with existing line-of-business applications, Laserfiche ECM brings versatility and value to your infrastructure.



  • Provide Both Departmental Flexibility and Enterprise Control: Laserfiche extends local control over filing and repository design to individual departments and offices, while still enabling IT to set and maintain top-level standards. 








Workflow Integrations Standardize Records Management Across Multiple Locations

United Road Towing delivers Workflow templates, code and tips for custom integrations.


  • Automate Paper- and Time-Intensive Processes: Convert resource-intensive manual processes like accounts payable processing and contract management to automated electronic workflows, saving time and money. 









How the Town of Okotoks Streamlined Permitting


Marty Gaffney, Network Technician at the Town of Okotoks, AB, describes how the Safety Codes Department uses Laserfiche to streamline the permit approval process.

  • Integrate With Core Applications: Laserfiche’s open architecture and .NET API maximize the value of existing technology investments while adding ECM functionality to back-office processes and image-enabling existing applications. 










How Albany, OR, Integrated Laserfiche with Permitting Software

Custom integration and effective change management sway a city to digital documents.

·         Ensure Information Integrity and Compliance: Laserfiche Audit Trail tracks all events and ties them back to user actions and documents so you make consistent—and precise—security decisions using the same tools and policies that manage the rest of your organization. 


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