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Deployment Flexibility

Laserfiche Rio was developed specifically to meet the needs of organizations who view ECM technology as a foundational component of their technical infrastructure.With bundled functionality, unlimited content servers and its own licensing server, the system provides you with unmatched deployment flexibility.


Named user licenses with significant volume discounts simplify the procurement process, eliminating long requisitions and making budgeting for an enterprise deployment much easier. And unlimited content servers provide support for virtualization, mirroring, test, development and other environments without the need to purchase additional software licenses—which puts you in complete control of system topology, high availability and recovery.


However you choose to deploy Laserfiche Rio, you’re empowered with an ECM infrastructure that’s designed to maintain momentum, minimize risk and ensure your final solution meets your needs.

The licensing model allows for the deployment of unlimited servers and repositories

Bundled functionalitygives every department access to the tools they need

  • Named user licenses make it easy to determine licensing needs.

Active clusters and offsite mirrors can be stood up for high availability and disaster recovery.

Test and development systems can be deployed.

Data can be segregated to meet compliance regulations.

Different business units can have completely separate systems.

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