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Laserfiche Mobile

Laserfiche Mobile™

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As employees become more self-sufficient in meeting their IT needs, IT departments are looking for ways to give employees more choice in the devices they use to access the corporate network while still maintaining GRC standards.


As part of a DoD 5015.2-STD-certified ECM solution>>Link to reference folder “Record Mangement”, Laserfiche Mobile for iPhone>>Link to Laserfiche iPone folder focuses primarily on simplifying mobile capture, while Laserfiche Mobile for iPad>>Link to iPad folder makes it easy for employees to interact with stored content and create and upload electronic documents from the field.


As part of the Laserfiche ECM system, the Laserfiche Mobile iPhone and iPad apps extend governance, risk and compliance standards all the way to mobile devices. By tracking and auditing all mobile activity occurring in Laserfiche, Laserfiche Mobile combines the flexibility of mobility with the iron-clad security and audit-proof compliance you’ve come to expect from the Laserfiche suite.


Download the free Laserfiche Mobile App from the Apple App  Store

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