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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Because managing information is intrinsic to GRC, Laserfiche provides a methodology for optimizing your ECM deployment with GRC in mind.


  • Use Laserfiche as the universal point of control for information assets and the governor for complete information life cycle management. Laserfiche can interpret information context and apply rules for classifying and managing information without user intervention—a good way to automate records retention and disposition policies.

  • Use Laserfiche as integrative middleware that connects to other software applications or components. Users can access Laserfiche directly or through any other application they work with. By design, middleware makes sharing information resources transparent to users and provides consistency, automation and security.

  • Implement Laserfiche as a shared-service platform.This is particularly attractive to technology departments, as it enables them to develop business processes that can be repeated across the enterprise, allowing optimal resource efficiency, cost and service performance.








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