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Proper e-Governance begins with secure, authentic data. Because the Laserfiche Content Server offers document imaging, document management and records management capabilities built into the core system architecture, it provides the records management, security, auditing and information integrity functionality necessary to ensure proper e-governance.


Whether upon capture or at a later time, a document in Laserfiche can have a digital signature applied to it. If that document is then altered, the signature is invalidated. Users can also be associated with a particular signature so that they can sign documents to signify approval. This functionality was verified as part of Laserfiche certification according to the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) specification, an international standard for maintaining and verifying document integrity.


Laserfiche VERS certification complements Laserfiche’s DoD 5015.2 certification, which ensures that documents are properly organized and managed. Together, the two certifications guarantee a multi-faceted set of information governance tools that manage a document’s life cycle from initial capture to lasting record.


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Verify and validate document authenticity with tamper-proof digital signatures.

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