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Lead. Manage. Take Action. Anywhere.

With Laserfiche Mobile for the iPad and iPhone, you’ll never skip a beat—even if you’re skipping the office. Whether you’re traveling, on an offsite visit or working from home, you’ll have access to your workplace documents and procedures at the touch of a button. Upload, review and approve files and track work all within a secure, compliant environment on your phone or tablet. 

Laserfiche Mobile

Laserfiche Mobile offers:

  • On-the-go access. Laserfiche’s desktop-grade operating system goes wherever you are, allowing you to view and work with content from your office’s in-house Laserfiche repository.

  • Content creation from the road. Turn your phone into a personal scanner: upload receipts, contracts, meeting minutes and other documentation and enhance it with metadata and geotags.

  • Paperless collaboration. Stay tapped into routine tasks by participating in business processes. Initiate paperless expense reports, invoicing and other routine activities all from one platform.

  • Integrated security. Auto-logout and document scrubbing safeguard files from unauthorized viewers. Actions taken in the app are saved in Laserfiche, giving you an audit-proof record of activity. 



“Combining ECM with mobile technology accelerates and automates key processes, while still giving regulators confidence in our approach.”

Brent Burns/ Asset Dedication





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